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    • Birth Month Club Captains needed! Make $50!   11/30/2015

      Make $50 cash! We need one captain for each birth month forum.  This is a 100% volunteer position, where you'll help to manage the birth month forum you're assigned.  That means reporting any forms of abuse to the staff, pinning/unpinning threads, doing whatever you want to keep the group having fun!  You will be the lead for that group.   If you are level-headed, outgoing, and want to have some fun running a group, please PM "BMC" and let her know you're interested!  If you are able to recruit 100 active members to your group, we'll send you a $50 bill!  Only rule is that the members must be legitimate and active.  You'll also be eligible for helping to review special products (and you get to keep the product!).  Please PM us for more details.  



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