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What to expect in your third trimester. You're almost there!

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Wow, you made it through your first and second trimester! This is going to be a breeze. :) In only three months, you'll have your very own baby. 

The third trimester usually isn't too uncomfortable. Here's what to expect...

Backaches are common. You are carrying another human inside of you, and with that comes added weight. Your back may feel achy and sore. You may feel some discomfort in your pelvis and hips, as your ligaments prepare for labor. Always use good posture, and sit up straight while sitting. At night, you can use a pregnancy pillow, or perhaps just tuck a pillow between your legs. Wear low heeled comfortable shoes with good arch support. You can use a heating pad at night to help ease the back pain. If the pain is bad, check with your doctor to see if acetaminophen is ok to take. You may also want to try getting a pregnancy massage; they can help wonders.

If you happen to bleed or spot, see your doctor. While it may not be anything urgent, it could be a sign of a problem. Always best to get checked out as soon as possible.

The Braxton Hicks you experienced during your second trimester will continue, and they will become a bit more intense. Sometimes they will be rather strong. If they become regular (close to one another), get to the hospital right away. 

By end of the third trimester, your breasts will have grown by as much as 2 pounds. Make sure you're wearing that supportive bra you bought! You may even notice a yellowish fluid leaking from your nipples. This is normal, and it's called colostrum. This will nourish your baby during the first few days after birth.

You may see more vagina discharge during your third trimester, however if the flow is heavy enough to soak your panty liners, call your doctor. As you get close to your delivery date, you may see a thick, clear and slight pink discharge. This is your mucus plug, and it's a sign that your cervix has begun dialating in prepartion for labor. If you experience a sudden rush of fluid, it may mean that your water has broken. Usually, your water won't break until after the contraction have begun, though it's possible to break before. Get to the hospital as soon as possible once your water breaks.

The fatigue will continue. Do your best with taking naps, short walks, and staying active.

The frequent urination will continue until you deliver. It's common to pee a little when you sneeze, laugh or cough. 

By now, you're going to go into labor any minute. Just relax, and everything will go smooth. :)


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